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Sunday, December 19, 2010


As I have hinted before, archetypal processes are also hidden in physical objects, which suggests that looking at them symbolically can be positively illuminating (sic!). Nothing could be more apt therefore than a candle.
All the major religions have rituals connected to candles, so what is the reason?
(I suggest reading the following slowly and giving each line a chance for you to listen to your inner Self!)

Candles, like people, come in various, shapes, colors, and sizes. They all, however, have something in common: a central individual wick. (This wick can also be symbolic of Jung’s Self.) It is passive, until lit by a flame.

We have to light a candle! Invite Spirit . . .

The wick is at the center of every candle, regardless of shape.

When lit, the flame on every candle is the same flame. It is symbolic of Spirit.

The flame is fire, which links it to the Sun, the source of all Light, Heat, and Life. This fire is symbolic of the mystery many call God. And especially Love!

Transpersonal Love, or agape, is how we can express that “Vast Certainty” many call God. Every atom of manifestation contains that Light.

Darkness per se holds the Light, but cannot put it out.

A candle, therefore, is a symbol for the secret of what Love really is:
     With a lit candle another can be lit many times.
     Its Light helps us and others to see.

This flame has been handed down through cosmic time and space. It unites us to the bright starry universe. We do not know its origin.

The candle measures the fire safely. When fire is not controlled it is destructive.

The sun shines and does not count its rays. It needs darkness to be seen.

The sun shines. It didn’t have to!

Love is a mystery, shining through us not out of us.

     The fires of hell are the flames of God’s Love rejected.
          – Dorothy L. Sayers. (Oxford theologian and author)

So say a Blessing this holy Solstice Season and light your candle for the eventual true illumination of all humanity, for Peace, and for our understanding the preciousness of nature, and that we may increase our individual consciousness and spiritual awe of Love.

It is so simple to share. Even a kindly smile and wave will do! Kindness is the beginning.

Just remember this:
     Love thy neighbor as thy Self for we both carry the same flame!


P.S.: Don’t forget the animals! Especially these days!

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maria said...

Thanks for bringing to mind the days when I used to go to Swami Muktananda's satsang and chant Jyota se Jyota. May the Self of all kindle a flame in us from his/her flame so that it may illuminate our journey through samsara, the ocean of worldly existence. All blessing to you, Alice, on this Solstice.