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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Self/Ego -- Credo II

I woke up from nap laughing! A gift from Sophia:
“Love thy neighbor as thy Self!” Any Jung student would get the joke. I also tried to put down a few thoughts that have been helpful to me:

Maybe Spirit is the Self of the Universe.

In which case, there is One Light, One Life, One Self, that is the underlying Unity in the uni-verse.

The same Self manifests as the Divine Guest (Self) in each of us as individuals yet each of us is different and unique. That is Diversity.

The same Light passing through a prism breaks into the rainbow of colors. Each of us has a slightly different prism. Every chart has the same ingredients. No two are alike!

So another way of presenting the dichotomy of the coming 2000 yrs of Aquarius is not just individual/collective but also diversity/unity.

"God is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.”
Nicholas of Floris

The aim of every religion exoterically is to form a collective social group aimed at a worship of God.

The aim of every religion esoterically is the realization that Spirit is within us and without - in all.

The trap is the identification of the collective ego of each exoteric branch of religion that maintains that it is the Only Way, resulting in the past and present holy wars. The collective Shadow is projected on the enemy. “We have met the enemy and the enemy is us!” as Pogo put it.

The task is to recognize the unity in the collective Self of Spirit resulting in tolerance and respect among all religions.

No mention of evil was made in yesterday’s post. The process of evil is dia-bolos (separating); it is the opposite of sym-bolos (uniting). The ego according to Jung is the center of consciousness and functions through duality. So each of us has a choice. Evil comes from identification with the ego alone (pride) and denial/ignorance of the Divine Guest (Self). Jung tried to point out that the lack of humility in knowing that we are all both ‘good/bad’ and in choosing to deny our own Shadow, we project it unconsciously onto others.

The ego is essential. It is who we think we are, and has our name for a lifetime. But it is not who we really are, which is Spirit wanting to be us and to experience manifestation through us. (God can’t eat a poached egg!) So ego death is out; ego surrender w/devotion to Divine Guest is the Way. It is the function of Sophia’s ‘I unite’, the radiant radius between Center point of Self (Divine Guest) and ego on circumference.
Please, forgive the terse, didactic style of this. It is an attempt to compress multum in parva – much in little – but if you ponder on each statement maybe your own insights can provide a commentary. As I was setting this down, many allusions arose, which I may express later. Just remember Sophia giggles as well and the result is delight, the joy of wisdom and the wisdom of joy.


O Holy Sophia, Holy Wisdom, Holy Joy
hidden for so long
come forth and reveal yourself in the world
and in our souls!

Help us to see with a loving eye
Help us to hear with inwit and intuition
Show us how to be natural and kind
Show us how to find ourselves in one another

Lead us from who we think we are
to who we really are

Let us learn from the flowers
that we need not strive so hard
Teach us to allow that Light from within
To unfold as a gift like your Rose.


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